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Where Enterprise Isn't Always the Culprit, and Big Government Rarely the Solution

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Conservative but Rational

Far too often political ideology obscures reasoned analysis on certain monumental topics and fields of inquiry. People, as individuals and in groups, often seek the easy answers to complex and difficult questions which life raises. For this reason alone some are willing to accept the consensus understanding or the political mythology of certain movements, with no independent critical investigation. In a few rare instances large percentages of entire societies accept certain ideological viewpoints on a particular issue and thus manage to push out all competing viewpoints and eventually all continued interest by the vast majority of those whom do not share these viewpoints. Not only has the environmental movement of the left captured the support of those citizens most concerned with the environment, conservatives over the last half century have more or less conceded defeat on the topic. It seems that for anyone interested in environmental protection now-a-days, the liberal mantra is the only game in town. Perhaps most unnerving is the conservative response; which instead of faithfully searching for solutions to environmental problems, has decided that no such problems truly exist. Surely, the conservatives have argued, these supposed environmental problems are simply over-reactions by those demagogues on the left. While there may be exaggeration and hyperbole backing many of the liberal environmental movement's messages; this does not mean that there are, in fact, no serious environmental threats out there. It is the hope of this writer that the Conservative Conservationist will act as a much needed reasoned Conservative response and as a long overdue rejoinder in the battle over creating sound policies to guarantee a healthy environment. This blog will focus on many topics both current and historical, both scientific and political, both natural and social; but always taking a rational approach, fearlessly seeking out answers.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


At the outset let me say that I feel the conservative movement is very much in need of reestablishing its conservationist roots. I hope that this blog can provide a balanced view of the many issues which often fall under the name environmental conservation. While this blog will focus from time to time on the ways in which commerce and the environment are able to work together for the good of both, it must be understood that this will not be a strictly free-market environmentalism site. Let it be well understood that when economic calculations must give way for the protection of the environment they should and on this site I hope they will. Because the many topics which this blog is bound to cover are at the very least extremely complex, agreement amongst conservative conservationists will not be possible. For this reason, I hope that Conservative Conservation will be open minded when it comes to good intentioned debate. With that business out of the way, let me be the first to welcome you to Conservative Conservation.